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Volunteers By Province

Our registered volunteers by province:
  • Eastern Cape - 17
  • KwaZulu-Natal - 24
  • Northern Cape - 2
  • Western Cape - 105


Jellyfish Warnings

Jellyfish Warning
Welcome to SAJellyWatch!


Welcome to the home of SAJellyWatch - the exciting new project that aims to build up an understanding of jellyfish biology and seasonality around South and southern Africa. With the help of volunteers, this project intends to build up an effective observation network to monitor jellyfish activity around our coast. Click read more to find out more about SAJellyWatch and how YOU can be involved...
SAJellyWatch Progress Report December 2009 - June 2010
This is the third of a series of reports that we will be producing at regular intervals about SAJellyWatch. We will continue to inform you about any changes we have made to the site or its content, and we will draw your attention to new images and updated accounts. We will also summarise use of the site and, most importantly, provide an indication of which species have been seen where. This report provides an overview between December 2009 and June 2010. Click read more to find out how our research has progressed...
Collecting Jellyfish Specimens – Images and Material
We are constantly looking for good photographs of jellyfish from around South and southern Africa as these provide us with an idea of what species can be found where. If you take photographs of jellyfish and you are willing to let us have a look at them (and so provide you with feedback etc.), click read more to find out what we are looking for and how you can send them to us...
The Jellyfish Problem
Jellyfish are a normal part of the life in our surrounding oceans and individuals can sometimes be seen swimming in coastal waters or washed up on the beach. But, every now and then jellyfish may be seen in vast numbers - they bloom - a bit like Namaqualand daisies on our west coast. Click read more to learn more about blooms and how they affect humans...
Common jellyfish around South and southern Africa
This article outlines the species of jellyfish that you are more likely to come across at the coast. Brief diagnostic descriptions are provided with links to more detailed descriptions to give you a better understanding of the jellyfish involved in this project. Click read more to read the full article...
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Danger Notices

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